Eight Streets NA Minutes

February 9, 2016



Hingham Savings Bank - Robin Johnson, Assistant VP 

Established in 1834 

11 branches and over 20,000 customers

South End Branch opened in 2006 

Specializes in condo trust and property management accounts

Supports many non-profits e.g. Ringgold Park, Boston Center for the Arts, South End Baseball

Non Fee based bank with FDIC insurance up to $250K per depositor, plus Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF)

6 Ringgold St - Paul Wikkerink, Owner

Proposed rear deck off main level 

Discussion on whether ZBA would accept an 8'x13' deck supported by wooden posts

Neighborhood suggested a Plan B (6' cantilever deck)

Motion of non-opposition passed, contingent on written support from immediate abutters for 8'x13' deck and/or 6' cantilever deck if latter is mandated by the ZBA

345 Harrison Avenue - Elizabeth Likovich, UDR Development Associate

UDR based on Denver, CO (Real Estate Investment Trust - REIT). Built Pier 4 building in Seaport District

UDR acquired Greybar site in November 2014, demolished in October 2015

Currently undergoing environment remediation

BRA hearing week of February 15

Have revised original design based on community feedback from 602 to 585 homes, from 30,000 sq/ft retail space to 40,000 sq/ft, from 237 parking spaces to 273 

2 towers x 14 stories up to zoning maximum of 150 ft

100% rentals, 10% affordable housing on site, 10% offsite monetary contribution to BRA

40% one-bedroom, 30% studios, 25% two-bedroom, 5% three-bedroom

$250K community setbacks ($200K to Peters Park and $50K to Berkeley Community Gardens)

30% open space including small area for dog 'relief'

Swimming pool 17' x 38' for residents only

Have 3 Letters of Intent (LOIs) in place with retailers (pharmacy, dog spa and fitness studio). Will likely also attract restaurants

Breaking ground in Spring 2016, 30 month construction, planned opening 2018


Watson Park - Louane Hann

Recapped recent incidents with locking and defecation 

Friends Group will meet Feb 16 to finalize signage and communication with Parks Department 

Discussion on the merits of security cameras