Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Monthly meeting minutes

April 2016


Next meeting: May 10, 2016    Location: Project Place, 1145 Washington Street

Guest speaker: Polka Dog Bakery (not confirmed but hope to by end of week) & Giorgiana’s (proposed sidewalk seating)


Project Place:

Guest speaker: Andrew Malloy

Founded in 1967, Project Place began as a dedicated safe haven for runaway teenagers, especially at-risk and drug-addicted youth. In the 1980s, Project Place shifted its role in the community by serving adults and adding drop-in and referral services, including legal services, life skills, advocacy, information and counseling.

Education, job and computer literacy training were added, in response to their clients’ increased requests for skills and resources required for employment. In response to the shifting homeless population in Boston and their specific needs, Project Place has changed and expanded over our 48-year history; but, our mission remains the same: to promote hope and opportunity for homeless individuals by providing the skills, education, training and personal support necessary to obtain employment and housing and, most importantly, sustain economic stability and independence over a lifetime.

Mission Statement: Project Place provides opportunities for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the skills, education, resources and personal supports necessary to obtain and sustain employment and housing. 

Core focus it to help clients find jobs!

Add here the digital version of Project Place ‘At A Glance’ sheet provided at the event

Project Place welcomes part time volunteers and financial donations. 

Website: projectplace.org

Phone number: 617 542-3740


Boston DPW

Guest speakers: Frank O’Brien and Engineer Mike Summers

Focus on today’s discussion will be sidewalk and roadway repairs

Not confirmed yet but will be in the next few days are the following streets for resurfacing:

East Concord; E Dedham, Public Alley: 539, 542, 716, 804, 403, 404, 424, 439; Milford in delay due to minor gas leak

The above list will likely be confirmed on the Boston City website by 4/15/2016

ESNA asked to give the DPW a “dirty dozen” list of the worst sidewalk issues in the South End and they would prioritize these repairs.  Although ESNA has already provided DPW with a complete list of sidewalk repairs we’re told that not all will be done this year.  For this reason we have been asked to give them a short list so that they may prioritize their repair efforts.  Michael Almond promised to get this to DPW by end of week.

South End residents are encouraged to use the 311 app to let the DPW know what issues are on deck in our neighborhood


45 Foodies Urban Market

Guest Speaker: Vic (owner) & Randi Cohen (consultant)

17 years in the South End, serving quality produce, supporting local farmers and hiring locally.

Foodies is constantly retooling itself to keep current to what the neighborhood wants.  They are visiting us today to hear about what we like and perhaps what we don’t like.   From those in attendance at today’s meeting it was clear that Foodies customer service and fresh meats are second to none.

In addition to their excellence in customer service Foodies also prides itself with producing their prepared foods on-site ensuring freshness and wholesome ingredients.

Foodies has recently opened a Southie and Duxbury market.

Their prepared foods are also very popular with the community, this is likely because of their commitment to hiring a top chef with over 30 years of experience.

Foodies is also proud to have a track record of hiring local talent and promoting them from within.  They are a family business with 150 employees, 75% which are full time with full benefits.

Foodies has been hit hard by the introduction of Whole Foods but rather then sit back and wine they are becoming even more competitive.  They recently started a grocery delivery service.   Go to www.foodiesmarkets.com and shop online.

Foodies welcomes anyone to compare their competitiveness on prices with their rival Whole Foods.  They also encourage a quality and taste difference with their meats and prepared foods.  They can’t compete on volume but their confident that their customer service and commitment to freshness give them the competitive edge in the community.

Foodies hopes you consider the local choice whenever possible!



Neighborhood updates:

Š       Boston Shines neighborhood update: April 30th, with a plan to distribute mulch to all parks (Watson, Ringold and Peters)

Š       June meeting cancelled and in its place ESNA will host a mid-Summer party at The Eagle.  We’ll promote this event by way of flyers, website and email blast

Š       Watson Park to meet once a month now that it has official park status and its own Friends of Watson Park status.

Š       Stoop party events will continue with the next street being Hanson Street, no date yet confirmed (late Spring or early Summer)

Š       Ringold Park now has new signage throughout, come check it out.

Š       Ringold Park gardens are now under contract of Don (local resident) and the gardens never looked better.