ESNA May meeting minutes

Next meeting: Wednesday June 15

Mayor visit to Peters Park: Tuesday, May 17th at 9:30

Coffee with Aaron Markowitz, MA State Representative at the Wholy Grain: 10 to noon: this Saturday


Speaker 1

Aaron Markowitz: topics discussed at todayŐs meeting

Budget discussions underway: Fiscal year July 1st for Governor to sign


Funding for job training: Pine Street, JVS, St. Francis

Transgender Bill: close to being done before legislation session

Omnibus energy bill: being worked on, clean energy discussions, ie solar  subsidies discussed within this bill.   Wind, Hydro also a part of this bill

Legalization of marijuana discussed in general terms, he is undecided at present

Opiate Bill: 4 different ones being discussed


Speaker 2

Business item: GiorgianaŐs – Anna Barounis

GiorgianaŐs is looking to add outdoor seating to their establishment.  No wait service – just a place for people to eat food purchased within GiorgianaŐs outside area.  Presentation and vote to come.

Seasonal seating: 5 up front: 2 bistro tables on the side

Solid  small rail around the area discussed and presented

A letter of support with mention of unsigned document which they provided for presentation was executed

Likely start in July if all goes well

Post and chain preferred for the Milford side or nothing

Old and unstamped drawings provided, ESNA is asking for a current, dated and stamped copy to be sent after meeting is over

Abutter meeting already happened last week: went well, full support

ESNA asking for posts and chains versus solid fence on Tremont



Elections for officers for 2016 -2017


                  President: Michael Almond

                  Vice President: Ted Pietras

                  Secretary: Bernard Petersen

                  Treasurer: Colleen Fitzpatrick

All appointments approved for next term

John McLachlan is stepping down as President, John has been President for 12 years.  John will continue our social media platforms and will represent us at the South End Forum meetings

Check out our Facebook page, this is where ESNA will send out all information




Summer Planning: Michael Almond

June event: Stoop parties

June meeting, Wed 15th at the Eagle for a social 6 - 8

Fall event BBQ likely but still needs to be confirmed with Ringold Park association, to be the week after Bond Steet party?

Sergeant Taxter to be invited to Fall meeting

Officer Ritchie for Alley walks also being asked back.


Neighborhood and park updates

Friends of Peters Park:

Brick and Paver campaign: Peters Park is entering the final stage of itŐs capital campaign to support the refurbishment of the dog run area.  Please log onto and click on the brick and paver tab for more information.  You have the opportunity to purchase a personalized inscribed 4 x 8 brick or 12 x 12 paver which will make for a great keepsake in the park.  All proceeds from the brick and paver purchase will go to the refurbishment of the dog run or the park gardens.

Late July refurbishment start anticipated

Refurbishment expected to last 6 to 8 weeks.

Where to have dogs go for the duration of the refurbishment is being discussed now: Communication plan to follow.  Check out the website for updates.

City Parks to manage communication and construction for the refurbishment


Ringold Park: Fence painting, recent plantings and pruning: Hydrangeas, Roses, irrigation working, take a look at the recent garden and park improvements which have this park looking better than it ever has before.


Watson Park:

Cleaned up recently

Last meeting: approved changes to the bylaw

EIN number process underway, 501c3

Dogs on leash signs now erected

Preliminary garden plan in place: DonŐs company who is garden managing Ringold is also taking charge in Watson park


Berkeley garden

New trees planted:  4 Ginko trees, a serviceberry and a hop hornbeam

Fence scraping, slow process to remove old paint and put new paint in the Fall

Fence along Public Alley 705 is under plan to get  built but fundraising is necessary first

Rabbit infestation in the Berkeley gardens, traps put out to catch them



2 cars broken in on Bond Street

Milford Alley way, hypodermic needles found