Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

October 11th, 2016

Project Place Common Room (1145 Washington Street)


Next meeting: Tuesday, November 1st, Capital One (310 Harrison Avenue); speakers include:

      Richard Gordon, South End Buttery

      Polka Dog Bakery

      DiPierro Construction: Discuss proposal for adding dormer at 47 Dwight. Lighting will be discussed.

      John Keith, Candidate for Register of Deeds, County office


December meeting: likely to be Tuesday, December 13; need to confirm. This will be a social at The Eagle.


Meeting minutes


Introductions: Michael Almond (President)

      Alley clean up + Boston Shines: Nov 19th


Sgt. Lucas Taxter and Officer Richie Litto (Boston Police Department)

      Wayne Lanchester, new captain, transferred from Brighton

      12 Police Districts in the city

      911 calls go directly to City Police, no longer State police

      Crime Trends Š overall, crime is going down in our area; Operation Safe Alley maybe, in part, responsible (see more below)

o   Residential burglaries

_   Oct 3 @ 39 Milford, B&E at night while at home sleeping, unlocked windows

_   Oct 6 @ 61 Dwight, doors propped open with newspaper

o   Commercial burglaries

_   EmilioÕs Pizza, broke side window

_   Aug 29 @ FormaggioÕs, 268 Shawmut, 2am, rear window broken

o   Larcenies and thefts

_   Apr 17, Apr 29, Sept 16 - Dwight & Taylor, Sept 24 - 31 Dwight

o   24 gun arrests in D4 YTD, up from last year

      Operation Safe Alley

o   Officer Richie Litto facilitates alley way and street walk safety tours on select evenings.  These have been very successful in elevating key safety items from dusk to dawn, e.g., locking back door gates, adding house numbers to back areas, adding peep holes to alley doors and increasing lighting.

o   Officer Litto will help clean the alley ways from a safety perspective during Boston Shines on Nov 19th.

o   Officer Litto to approach EmilioÕs about adding low level lighting behind restaurant.

      Suggestion was made that lighting should be managed by developers during construction. Can ESNA get involved in the communication before we give our vote of non-opposition??? 

      Peters Park: homeless are sleeping/living in the park, smoking in the park, and drinking in the park


Karen van Unen (COO, South End Community Health Center)

      Location: 1601 Washington Street (next to Flour Bakery); Phone: 617-425-2000 

      Mission: a board governed non-profit, comprehensive health care organization for all residents of the South End and the surrounding communities. Committed to providing the highest quality, culturally and linguistically sensitive, coordinated health care and social services to every patient, regardless of their ability to pay. Staff serves over 19,000 patients accounting for 75,000 visits annually.

      Primary Medical Services Offered:

o   Adult Medicine

o   Pediatrics

o   Family Medicine

o   WomenÕs Health

o   Walk-In Care

      Specialty Medical Services Offered:

o   Behavioral Health

o   Dental Care

o   Eye Care & Optical Shop

o   HIV/AIDS Care

o   Nutrition

o   Pharmacy

o   Sexual Health

o   SUPPORT for Substance Abuse


TreasurerÕs Annual Report (Colleen)

      Bank Finances, currently $6,200 positive in the bank

      Fall Membership Campaign will begin this month with an email outreach

      Dues: Individual $20, Household $30, Business/associate $50


Friends Groups Updates

      Peters Park (Bernard)

o   Dog run renovation will be complete by end of October

o   250K funds to improve the rest of the park will be managed by a subcommittee of members from Old Dover and Friends of Peters Park.  City Parks will make all of the decisions but they will allow this sub-committee to lead the direction.  If anyone would like to join this subcommittee, please reach out to Friendsofpeterspark@gmail.com

      Watson Park (Michael)

o   Established friends group as a 501 3C

o   Opened bank account

o   Exploring fundraising opportunities

      Ringgold Park (Don)

o   Pruning trees

o   Halloween party will begin at 5pm; street closed to traffic for 2 Š 3 hours

o   Fall clean up on Nov 19th

      Berkeley Community Gardens (John)

o   Fall clean up on Oct 29th